Hip-hop producer Swizz Beatz is determined to help embattled pal DMX get his career back on track by focusing all his efforts on completing the rapper's new album.

The Party Up (Up In Here) hitmaker, real name Earl Simmons, has struggled to stay out of legal trouble in recent years and was arrested earlier this month (Nov13) for the fourth time in 2013 alone, after he was pulled over at an airport in South Carolina for driving on a suspended licence. He was also charged with driving without insurance and driving an unlicenced vehicle.

The arrest occurred as Dmx prepared to fly to New York for a comeback appearance with Beatz on U.S. daytime programme The Wendy Williams Show, but the interview and performance was subsequently scrapped.

Beatz has now spoken out to assure fans the rapper, who has previously struggled with drug issues, is doing well, and he insists the follow up to 2012's Undisputed will be worth the wait.

He tells MTV's RapFix Live host Sway, "Everything is Dmx for me right now. It's my main focus because it's what started everything...

"He's been going through a lot of different things but... he's Dmx! He's good; he's in good vibes. But wait until y'all hear this music though - y'all gon' really know how he is. We working hard on that and I can't wait. I can't wait (sic)."