Hip-hop producer Swizz Beatz has dismissed rumours an affair with Alicia Keys put an end to his four-year marriage, blaming the media for creating unnecessary "drama".
The beatmaker - real name Kaseem Dean - announced he and his R+B singer wife Mashonda were splitting in April (08).
Rumours have since surfaced online suggesting Keys was involved in the break-up, but Swizz insists that is far from the truth.
He tells MTV.com, "That s**t just looks like drama. They got another big name involved. Only thing I'm commenting on is music-related. I don't comment on my personal life. Why start now? You start commenting on that s**t, then they start twisting it out. I'm not gonna speak about nothing.
"I'm not hiding anything. I can see if I was hiding something. I'm a grown man. Nobody is living no perfect life... Nobody wants to look at that s**t. They wanna look at Alicia Keys. That s**t is ignorant."
And Swizz has further played down reports of a rift between him and his ex by revealing they are still on good terms.
He adds, "My divorce, it ain't nothing bad. It's just us moving on. Me and Shonda are super good. It is what it is. (The press) are nine months late on the situation. It's a headache to me. We been separated nine or 10 months already."