Suze Orman introduces what she calls 'The New American Dream' in her latest book 'The Money Class'.
Suze Orman, the celebrity financial advisor and television personality, says the "old" American Dream is being replaced by a new way of thinking, reports Msnbc.In her 10th and most recent book, Orman says the "old" American Dream which places emphasis on prosperity and success has become materialistic. She notes, "It used to be more, bigger, best. Everybody in America started to define themselves by all these things they had around them. And all of a sudden it came tumbling down. So the old American dream has died, and that is a good thing". The 59-year-old, who will premiere her new show on Oprah Winfrey's network later this year, says there is a new 'dream' emerging and one that is more realistic. Orman explains, "It's a dream where you actually get more pleasure out of saving than you do spending. It's a dream where you live below your means but within your needs. You are not spending every penny, you are not impressing people. You are living a life where you can sleep at night and you are actually happy".
Suze Orman will host a new programme on Oprah's 'Own' network later this year. The show, tentatively titled 'Money Class', will attempt to help viewers with their financial difficulties. Lisa Erspamer, Chief Creative Officer at the network said, "Suze Orman is the rock star of personal finance, and her straight-forward advice will help people that are in need of a financial wake-up call".