Actress Suzanne Somers has publicly thanked pals Farrah Fawcett and Ellen Degeneres for their support after her Malibu, California home burned down in wildfires at the beginning of the year (JAN07). The two ladies were among the first people to call and give the devastated actress their best wishes after the tragedy hit the headlines. Somers agreed to appear on yesterday's (19MAR07) ELLEN show so she could thank the caring celebrities who took the trouble to pick up a phone. After thanking DeGeneres personally, Somers told the host's studio audience and viewers, "She called me in the height of this moment when I was just having the realisation. "When you called it meant so much to me... It was so caring and people always like to put us down in this business but I think the women in this business are so fantastic... You're a good person. After you called, Farrah Fawcett called and she was going through this terrible chemotherapy, and so there has just been a lot (of support)." And it wasn't just celebrities who stunned Somers with their generosity of spirit: "The T-shirt shop sent T-shirts and sweatpants from the little village in Malibu and I had a sandwich and the guy wouldn't let me pay."