Beloved US TV star-turned-health guru Suzanne Somers insists a last-minute decision to start a vacation a day early saved her and her husband's life. The actress reveals she would have been at home when her Malibu, California house was ravaged by a wildfire in January (07) - had she not decided to kickstart her winter holiday a day early. Speaking on TV talk show Larry King LIVE last week (15MAR07), the THREE'S COMPANY star explained, "We were going to leave the next day and, that morning, I said to (husband) ALAN, 'Why don't we go today?'" The two then set off, but Somers instinctively knew something was about to happen to her dream home: "I stopped at the front door, and looked back at the house and thought, 'Hmm, such a pretty, little house.' And I turned and walked away, and that was that. "I really believe we were saved." Somers' house was one of several multi-million dollar properties destroyed by the fire on 8 January (07).