Susan Sarandon worries her granddaughter will call her ''Horny''.

The 'Tammy' actress is due to become a grandmother for the first time next month when her daughter Eva Amurri Martino gives birth to her first child, and having recently decided she wants the youngster to call her 'Honey', she is now worried about the moniker getting mixed up with something more saucy.

She said: ''I'm going to be a grandma in August for the first time. My grandma name is Honey so my daughter got me a necklace saying 'Honey', and someone asked me today if it says 'Horny'.

''I hope my granddaughter doesn't call me 'Horny'.''

The 67-year-old star - who also has sons Jack, 24, and Miles, 21, with ex-partner Tim Robbins, as well as Eva, whose father is filmmaker Franco Amurri - went on to joke that she hopes to still feel ''horny'' by the time her granddaughter can speak.

She added to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel: ''I hope I'm still horny by that time.''

The 'Lovely Bones' star recently explained why she wants to be called Honey instead of grandma.

She explained: ''It [Honey] seems different and sounds warm and sweet. I don't know if the baby will know how to say it right away, but that's what we are going for.''