Susan Sarandon wears a different fragrance for every role she plays.

The 70-year-old actress has admitted she regularly changes the scent she wears for each movie she is cast in to help her get into that character, although there have been times she was driven ''crazy'' by a perfume she wore that she had to change it.

Speaking about her beauty hacks, the red head said: ''I also choose a scent for every character and that really helps me to instantly become that person. I mean for 'Feud' I researched and knew that Bette Davis wore a certain perfume, but it was just horrible. I tried to wear it, but it drove me crazy, so I chose something that was from that period and went for Guerlain Shalimar. For Sister Helen [in 'Dead Man Walking'] I chose Jean Nate because it smelt clean and inexpensive.''

And the 'Stepmom' star has revealed she has left a lasting memory with her co-stars because of the scent she has worn when working on a project with them.

She explained: ''Absolutely, and sometimes leading men say the same thing. For example, Jimmy Spader (we did 'White Palace' together) now says that when he smells Chanel No. 5, which I wore because my character loved Marilyn Monroe, he instantly thinks of that time in his career. And whilst filming 'Bernard and Doris' with Ralph Fiennes, I wore a scent called new Harlem and that became so familiar to him that he now associates it with me and that film.''

However, Susan prefers to spritz herself with men's aftershave because it is not as ''highly floral'' as other female scents.

Speaking about her favourite cosmetic products to Hello! magazine, she said: ''I actually prefer a lot of men's scents that are not so highly floral, like Santa Maria Novella's Eva (incidentally, that is my daughter's name), which is not even a woman's scent, but I wear that a lot.''