Susan Sarandon was warned never to have kids as it would ruin her sex appeal.

The 'Jeff, Who Lives at Home' star - who has three children daughter Eva Amurri, 27 with Italian film director Franco Amurri, and Jack, 22, and Miles, 19, her two sons with former partner Tim Robbins - was told not to become a mother because she would no longer be considered desirable.

She said:''I was told by director John Cassavetes when I did 'The Tempest' never to be a mom because I would not be sensual anymore. I think I laughed.''

However, the 65-year-old star is glad she refused to take the advice because she thinks men these days like ''strong'' women.

She said: ''I'm happy to be considered desirable. I love it!

''Besides, I think there's a lot of guys who like strong women. Maybe because women have raised sons who have different expectations. I think we can take some credit for that!''

Susan also admitted she is surprised she hasn't turned to DRUGS or alcohol to cope with being an older woman in Hollywood because good roles for women of a certain age are few and far between.

She told People magazine: ''It's true there aren't that many good parts. I've had my disappointments. It's hard to be in this business and not be an alcoholic or a drug addict or bitter as an older woman.

''But, that's one of the things you have to make your peace with - or get out of the business because everyone has those moments. I'm not the only one.''