Susan Sarandon, the Oscar-winning actress and star of 'Thelma & Louise', joined protests against financial firms on Wall Street this week. The activists vowed to continue weeks of demonstrations as police began using pepper spray and the arrest count increased, reports Bloomberg Businessweek.
Sarandon, who appeared in Oliver Stone's 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' toured the area of protests in Zuccotti Park that includes makeshift kitchens and a library. When quizzed on her reasons for attending, the actress explained, "I'm here to understand what's going on and to lend my support.There's a lot of different kinds of people here who want to shift the paradigm to something that's addressing the huge gap between the rich and the poor". The group plans to march through the financial district each business day to mark the New York Stock Exchange's opening and closing bells. Of the 100 arrested individuals since the protests began, 80 were taken into custody on 24th September 2011. Sarandon is noted for her active support in numerous progressive and liberal political causes, including Madre -an organisation set up to promote social environmental and economic justice.
'Wall Street: Money Never Sleep', a sequel to Stone's 1986 classic, focused on Michael Douglas' character Gordon Gekko after his stint in prison for insider trading. Although a hit at the box office, the film received mixed reviews from critics.