The American actress looks sensational as she gets older and even landed a beauty deal with L'Oreal in January (16), aged 69. That's not to say she buffers bouts of low self-esteem though, which is why she refuses to live under constant scrutiny in Tinseltown.

"It’s very tough, and that’s one of the reasons I don’t live in Hollywood," she told WWD of being an ageing actress. "It’s a town where it’s very hard to maintain your confidence because it’s so self-conscious, it’s such a company town. I can just imagine picking up a head of lettuce in a supermarket, running into a producer who then later says: ‘Oh no, I saw her, she is really not looking great these days,’ because you are there without any make-up on or whatever. In New York it’s easier to live."

Susan's reasoning behind signing with L'Oreal was down to the beauty standard they promote, with fellow faces and ambassadors including Helen Mirren, Julianne Moore and Sophia Loren.

"I think the whole company is about diversity of ethnicity and age, and different kinds of women," she said, adding: "I wonder if they’d love doing a transgender... that would be good."

The brunette actress doesn't do much to keep her youthful appearance and slender figure intact, following a simple routine to maintain them. Living in the Big Apple means she's often on her feet rather than in the car and she always makes sure to wash her face before she goes to bed. Sunscreen is another important thing for Susan, who is happy to share her stripped back tips with other famous females.

"If an actress asks me about skin, I say: 'Just stop smoking cigarettes, for one thing,' that’s really going to take a toll eventually," she advised.