Susan Sarandon doesn't own a television.

The 68-year-old actress, who stars in the new Lifetime miniseries 'The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe,' admits she only ever catches up on the latest TV shows when she is staying in a hotel.

She said: ''I have one epiphany after the other when I suddenly see 'Teen Mom' or 'Game of Thrones'.''

The Oscar winner plays Norma Jeane's schizophrenic mother Gladys in the two-part adaptation of the 2009 biography.

Asked why she accepted the role, she said: ''I'm always up for playing mentally ill. There are so many ways to do it wrong, so I was really challenged. I thought it would be a great learning experience - and it was.

Susan also relished the chance to work with her daughter Eva Amurri Martino, 30, who plays a young Gladys.

She said: ''The first time we worked together was on 'Friends' when she was 15. I just wept during the curtain call. She's really good and funny and so professional. I don't have to worry about her.''

The 'Tammy' star is also very close to Eva's nine-month-old daughter, Marlowe, and wants her to call her ''Honey'' instead of grandmother in the future.

She told Us Weekly magazine: ''I was asking everybody, 'What do you call your grandma?' My hairdresser said, 'Honey.' It sounded sweet, so I thought, why not?''