Outspoken actress Susan Sarandon has denounced the organisers of the OSCARS ceremony as control freaks.

The DEAD MAN WALKING star believes Academy Awards bigwigs try to suppress potential controversy by censoring actors.

She says, "The organisers have gone over the top trying to control it and make sure nothing happens.

"I resent they make you sign a piece of paper saying you'll never sell the statuette, except back to them for $1 (60p). I changed that to 'market value'. It's only an Oscar, not sperm."

And in the interview in British magazine RADIO TIMES, political liberal Sarandon also spoke of her difficulty getting fellow actors to wear the 'peace dove' brooch in aid of land-mine victims.

She adds, "You'd be surprised who wouldn't even wear one. I guess they're nervous of me."

The four-times nominated star also believes she was the victim of a "witch hunt" because of her anti-war views and explains her vociferous opposition to armed combat.

She says, "I lost a very dear friend in the Twin Towers on 11 September and thought the shock was so huge that American arrogance would be diminished.

"Instead, our president has turned it into one of the most divisive times since the Civil War."

28/05/2003 09:15