Crusading actress Susan Sarandon gave up her Mother's Day in America yesterday (14MAY06) to spend it with the protesting parents of soldiers in Iraq. Accompanied by anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, whose son has died in the conflict, Sarandon addressed a 24-hour vigil opposite the White House by reading out a letter she had written to First Lady Laura Bush. She also brandished a copy of the board game Risk to highlight the dangerous plight of US soldiers serving abroad. Her letter called on the president's wife to force George W Bush to personally notify mothers that their sons had been killed in action. She said, "Those moms praying as they wait for the phone to ring and they hear the voice of their child serving in Iraq. "Let him be the one to tell them that this week the call will not be coming." The 200-strong Washington protest was organised by women's anti-war group Code Pink.