THELMA AND LOUISE star Susan Sarandon tried her hand at talk-show hosting on Friday night (17DEC04) - and she took the opportunity to take jabs at a few high-profile conservatives.

The actress, who brought along her husband Tim Robbins as her sidekick while hosting THE LATE LATE SHOW, has often been criticised for her liberal views, and used her TV spot as an opportunity to jokingly hit back at a few individuals with opposing political views.

She said, "As you know, I'm an involved citizen, I ask questions and I participate in my democracy, which sometimes has put me at odds with the neo-conservatives. But what I love about the holidays is that now's a time to mend our differences and put our differences behind us.

"Since some of the people with whom I've had differences were kind enough to send me some holiday greetings, I decided to share their generous spirit by showing their Christmas cards."

A card credited to having arrived from Arnold Schwarzenegger has the words 'Season's Gropings' printed inside, while another bearing Mel Gibson's name read, "Peace on Earth and goodwill towards men... mainly Christians."

She also shared a "greeting" from US President George W Bush and his wife LAURA which read, "Enjoy the audit."

20/12/2004 03:32