Dressing up for high-profile Hollywood events has become a huge pain for Susan Sarandon since undergoing foot surgery earlier this year (10) - because wearing high heels is so excruciating.
The Oscar winner injured her foot when she slipped in the rain during a charity trip to Haiti in January (10) and the accident finally forced her to go under the knife to fix an ongoing problem.
Doctors shaved down Sarandon's bone and shortened her toe to alleviate the pain, and now wearing sexy stilettos to award shows and premieres has become a sore subject.
But the actress refuses to wear frumpy flats forever and may consider further surgery in the future.
She tells New York Magazine, "I had a problem in my back joint and I've been using orthotics. I didn't fall. I stopped myself from falling.
"It kind of got better. I wore a boot and faked it. But the doctor said, 'Why don't you just get a new joint?...' But right now I'm discouraged."