Susan Sarandon is thrilled to be singing in a movie again after her most recent effort was cut out of Shall We Dance?.

The actress, who showed off her singing skills in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, admits she was disappointed when her accapella rendition of OUR LOVE IS HERE TO STAY was cut from Shall We Dance?.

But she's looking forward to her duet with Eddie Izzard in John Turturro's new film ROMANCE AND CIGARETTES - even though she's just lip-synching.

She explains, "I seem to sing badly in any number of films; even in DEAD MAN WALKING, I was singing.

"The scene that I really liked in Shall We Dance was cut, and I sang. I kind of spontaneously get to surprise Richard Gere, my husband in the film.

"There's a huge gathering at a party and they want him to speak and he's kind of stammering so I get up and do it and then I sing Our Love is Here to Stay accapella to him. It's kind of embarrassing.

"In Romance and Cigarettes we do a lot of lip-synching. It's not as simple as just a musical, it's a savage musical. I do TAKE A LITTLE PIECE OF MY HEART in church with Eddie Izzard on organ but it's really JANIS JOPLIN singing."

05/10/2004 02:29