Oscar winner Susan Sarandon's long lost British relatives almost backed out of a meeting with the actress, because they feared it was a scam. The Thelma And Louise star traced her ancestors back to Bridgend in rural South Wales for new BBC TV show COMING HOME. After much research, the 59-year-old arrived at the Llynfi Arms pub to meet her relatives, with a host of family members in tow. But the Welsh relatives feared Sarandon's story was a hoax and almost didn't show up. Pub landlord TERRY GRIFFITHS says, "Three living relatives were eventually traced to Bridgend and they almost didn't turn up to the pub to meet Susan Sarandon because they thought it was a wind-up! "Susan came with her son, three sisters and two brothers and they were here for a good few hours. "She was a really lovely lady and was very relaxed. The locals thought she was brilliant. "She was casually dressed and so relaxed that nobody was really in awe of her. "We were told before she turned up that she didn't drink, didn't smoke and wouldn't want her photograph taken but when she came in it was completely the opposite. "She drank some Guinness and was rolling her own cigarettes."