Susan Sarandon is urging the US news media to keep covering the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, because she fears Americans will quickly forget about the horrors of the August (05) storm.

The hurricane left many dead and thousands of people homeless and desperate, and activist Sarandon is delighted with the relief effort so far.

But she fears her fellow Americans will stop thinking about the ongoing crisis if they don't see news footage daily.

Sarandon says, "You need to keep the press involved in the aftermath when all of those really dramatic pictures are no longer on the air, when the water drains.

"You had these really dramatic TV pictures and little soundbites of people standing in the rain. What happens when the rain stops and the water goes down - then you're getting to the heart of following through where the relief money is going, who's getting the contracts to rebuild and how the money is being spent."

The philosophical actress believes the disaster will help draw attention to other poverty-stricken areas of America.

She adds, "Now, at least, we're aware and America is aware about how other Americans have been living. Nobody's been paying any attention to them."