Susan Boyle has been getting excited about Christmas, with the multi-million selling singer issuing a Christmas list in the hope that Santa Claus will be kind to her come Christmas Eve. Touchingly, despite Boyle's vast wealth following the huge global success that followed in the wake of her appearance on UK reality talent show 'Britain's Got Talent', her list of desirables is somewhat humdrum.
"I'd like a tent to take with me to T in the Park and I'd also like the Downton Abbey box set, because it's one of my favourite series," said Boyle to the UK's Sun newspaper, providing a great mental image of the 50 year-old enjoying one of the UK's largest music festivals. Boyle went on to add "I'm hoping for a collar for my cat Pebbles, some piano music books so that I can continue to learn on my grand piano and the Steve Jobs biography."
SuBo has allowed herself one item of extravagance however, the singer - who sold over 8 million copies of her 2009 debut LP 'I Dreamed A Dream' - would like a better television; "I'd really like a 3d Tv with the electronic glasses so I can bring the films into my living room," she stated.