British singer Susan Boyle insists she's "just not ready" for romance after receiving several date offers from male fans - and even a proposal of marriage.

The shy 51 year old shot to fame on Tv show Britain's Got Talent and her success story has since gone global garnering her celebrity fans like rapper 50 Cent and singer Donny Osmond, who teamed up with her in the studio for two duets that appear on Boyle's new album.

Despite a slew of appreciative fan mail, Boyle is not looking for love but is open to romance in the future.

She tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, “I did get one (marriage proposal) but I sent the letter back because he was cheeky. I’ve also had a couple of men sending photos and cheeky letters that say I look good in my calendar (and pick a date), but I’m not ready for that yet.

"If I meet someone nice I’ll know and he’ll know... He has to be tall, dark and handsome with plenty of money!"