Susan Boyle was scared out of her "living daylights" by an intruder in her home.

The Scottish singing sensation - who returned to her property in Blackburn, West Lothian, in January to find a teenager running past her out of the door - was severely shaken by the break-in but is still confident enough to live on her own.

She said: "When I was coming home with my friends I opened the front door and the guy just came down the stairs and brushed past me.

"That scared the living daylights out of me and I don't know how the hell he got in yet. But there was no question about it, my security was OK. It was just that particular night, it was a bad night."

Despite the incident, the 49-year-old star - who recently added a five-bedroom, £300,000 house to her property portfolio, as well keeping her family home - has complete confidence in her security.

She said: "Things have been put in place by my management team and they have been really good. They do protect me. They do look after me.

"I'm getting all the care I need, all the protection I need and I am very happy with them. And the boy that broke into my house has since been caught by the police."