Susan Boyle finally feels ready to head out on her first ever concert tour, more than three years after finding worldwide fame on Britain's Got Talent.

The Scottish star became an overnight sensation in 2009, but she buckled under the pressure and checked into a rehab clinic in London shortly after coming second on the Tv talent show.

She sparked fears for her mental health in 2010 with a series of bizarre public outbursts but the 51 year old has now learned to cope with life in the spotlight, and admits she would love nothing more than to perform around the world.

She tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "It would be exciting to go on the road. I'm more relaxed about being a singer. I know what I am doing and the path I want to follow.

"In the beginning it was tough but now I can handle things better. I don't feel under any pressure, the record team have been good like that. I think I probably can do a full show, it would be very exciting to go on the road.

"I started (my career) at 47, there is plenty of life in me yet... I know I'm not alone and feel more confident of the team around me."