Overnight sensation Susan Boyle's debut album has topped the bestsellers list on Amazon.com - months ahead of its release.
The Scottish singer's I Dreamed A Dream will not go on sale until 23 November (09), but tens of thousands of copies have already been sold to fans placing early orders on the shopping website.
The CD is even outselling Whitney Houston's comeback album, as well as other pre-release titles such as the Twilight soundtrack.
The album features a cover version of Madonna's 1995 hit You'll See, which the 58 year old insisted was part of her debut.
A source tells The Sun newspaper, "It's a song she has loved for years. She sang it at auditions for TV shows and music contests when she used to be cruelly turned away by people.
"At the end, when she was sometimes reduced to tears, she used to say 'You'll see'. And she's proof she can do it now as one of the most famous women in the world."
Boyle wowed the world earlier this year when footage from her audition for TV show Britain's Got Talent turned her into an Internet sensation. The singer didn't win the contest but she is expected to become the show's biggest star.