Susan Boyle was stunned when Lou Reed banned her from singing his classic tune PERFECT DAY on U.S. TV, because she couldn't believe one of her heroes was so "childish".
The Scottish singing sensation was left heartbroken after she was told she was not allowed to cover the song on America's Got Talent just hours before her big performance in September (10).
Reed later insisted the ban was due to licensing laws in the American market, but Boyle does not believe his excuse.
Talking to Piers Morgan for his Life Stories TV show, she says, "That's his childishness, not mine. It was a bit childish on his part. A man of his calibre and his talent, a bit childish.
"Should that be changed I'd be happy to do it again. I thought he was being childish. Mr Reed, I have respect for you as an artist but you ought to be more considerate."