Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle received a standing ovation as she returned to the stage after dropping out of four concerts last week (ends21Jun09).
The 48 year old took the world by storm with her extensive vocal range on U.K. TV show Britain's Got Talent, but her instant rise to fame proved too much to handle.
The star has struggled to deal with the constant media interest - she booked herself into a rehab clinic suffering from exhaustion after the show came to an end, and she subsequently pulled out of four concerts on the series' official tour of Britain.
However, TV fans are still backing the unlikely superstar - and gave her a warm welcome back to the stage by jumping to their feet to clap the singer's performance at Wembley Arena in London on Sunday (21Jun09).
Boyle will still have to perform another 12 gigs before the U.K. trek reaches its conclusion.