LATEST: Survivor creator MARK BURNETT has blasted critics who don't actually watch the TV show, insisting the new season of the reality competition "won't be racial at all." Burnett claims dividing the four teams on SURVIVOR: COOK ISLANDS according to race eliminates any tension between the groups and thus avoids racism. He explains, "By putting people in tribes, they clearly have to get rid of people of their own ethnicity. So that's not racial at all." Burnett insists criticism of the show is the result of ignorance, adding, "People are saying things who've never seen Survivor on TV... and don't understand how it works." He hopes that "maybe the taboo (of race) could disappear" through the new concept and that the TV show, as in seasons past, will illuminate social dynamics. Meanwhile, New York City community leaders held a rally on Tuesday (29AUG06) in front of CBS headquarters protesting the premise of the show. Several New York council members and activists attended the protest and reveal they are in the process of drafting letters to Survivor sponsors. The 13th season of the show premieres on 13 September (06).