Occurring with apparently fortuitous timing, the sale of an original 75-year-old copy of the first Superman comic book (Action Comics No. 1) has brought its owner $175,000, despite the fact that it was in relatively poor condition. Comicconnect.com, which conducted the online auction, had estimated that it would sell for around $100,000. CEO Stephen Fishler said that of the original run of 250,000 copies, only about 100 exist today. (David Gonzalez, a building contractor, had discovered the comic book among newspapers stuffed into a wall of a home that he was renovating in northwest Minnesota for insulation.) Value of the comic book, which had a large tear on its back cover, was likely enhanced by avid interest in the upcoming Man of Steel, the latest Superman movie reboot. Reuters observed on Wednesday that a 9.5 graded copy brought $2.16 million in 2011.