An unusual costume from The Wizard of Oz matched the price achieved by the original Superman costume worn by Christopher Reeve on Thursday.

Both netted $115,000 (£57,927) at an auction of rare Hollywood memorabilia held by the Profiles in History company.

The Winkie costume from the 1938 Wizard of Oz feature is that of one of the green-faced guards of the Wicked Witch of the West. Its highly distinctive lilac coat features a billowing skirt and ornate red tassels.

Both were outsold by an alien costume from  you've guessed it, Alien  which went for $126,500 (£67,720)

Christopher Reeve's costume did not perform as well as a previous sale by the Profiles in History firm; in 2003 it sold a Superman costume from the 1973 Adventures of Superman television show for $129,800 (£81,307 at the time).

Meanwhile the Batsuit worn by Val Kilmer in Batman Forever sold for $63,250 (£31,860).

07/04/2007 18:27:35