As this week saw the release of the latest superhero flick on DVD, Superman RETURNS, Hollywood movie-makers continue to seem quite happy to carry on churning out more of the super-money-making franchises from the classic comic strips.

The latest instalment of the SPIDERMAN franchise, SPIDERMAN 3, is lighting up fanzines and message boards across the net, with Tobey Maguire preparing to return in what looks to be a highly-polished third "episode" of the New York webslinger.

But, as MAGUIRE's on-screen alter-ego hangs up his trademark red and blue suit for a sinister black version in the new movie, so the 31-year-old US actor plans to turn his back on the superhero legend.

MAGUIRE has hinted he may be quitting the role after this movie, along with co-star Kirsten Dunst.

But Hollywood is in no mood to pull the plug on the hugely popular superhero franchise, as modern computer technology has finally allowed millions of comic book fans to witness their heroes on screen  and they are more than willing to pay for it.

GHOST RIDER is the latest comic book "star" to hit the big screen, with NICHOLAS CAGE playing the disturbed biker with a flaming skull for a head, while the recent success of Batman BEGINS has meant the Gotham City knight is likely to appear in a string of new movies, keeping the fans, and their dollars, piling into the cinema.

08/12/2006 13:24:44