Margot Kidder, who played Lois Lane in Superman II, has given a thumbs up to the Richard Donner cut of the film, which is being released on DVD on Nov. 28. Following a screening of the film on Thursday night, Kidder told Home Media Retailing Magazine, "I think this is such a better version of Superman II. ... It's night and day." Kidder told a panel discussion at the Directors Guild that after Donner was fired by the film's producers and replaced by Richard Lester, most of the script was rewritten and reshot. She said that she and co-star Christopher Reeve "were really pissed off [over the changes]. He was a little more political about it." On the other hand, she said, she gave a magazine interview in which she remarked that "the producers were beneath contempt." As a result of her comments, she said, "I ended up having 12 lines in Superman III."