Filming on the highly-anticipated SUPERMAN RETURNS has suffered a slight delay after thieves stole a batch of walkie talkies - and set about impersonating crew members.

Last week (ends29JUL05), the mischievous jokers set about saying 'Cut!' and 'Action!' over the walkie talkies, forcing filming on the BRYAN SINGER-directed comic book adaptation to be temporarily stopped.

The pranksters' fake orders were proving dangerous as the movie crew were shooting an action sequence involving a Mustang hurtling down some steps and landing between a gaggle of extras.

When the sports car stopped in a dangerous position a couple of times following the shout of 'Cut!', movie bosses decided to stop shooting rather than risk serious injury.

Crew members on the Australian set then changed the radio frequency on their walkie talkies before recommencing the shoot.

News of the robbery wasn't reported to police.

A source says, "That film's got so much money, a couple of missing walkie talkies wouldn't worry them."

04/08/2005 17:07