SUPERMAN RETURNS director Bryan Singer always dreamed he would make his own Superman film, but now his wish has been granted he is finding the project "overwhelming".

The 39-year-old film-maker insists every day is a challenge on the comic-book adaptation, as he is determined to get his installment in the legendary saga just right.

He says, "At any point - at every point - I (feel) overwhelmed.

"Every day there's a new challenge or a new element or a thing that makes you say, 'Whoa, is this going to work? OK, how do we overcome this and get from point A to point B,' which is sort of what film-making becomes after a while.

"I've always been a fan of the original Superman series. I've always had an idea for how I would make a Superman film if I was given the opportunity, and suddenly the opportunity presented itself and I leapt on and took advantage of it."

22/07/2005 07:24