SUPERMAN RETURNS star Kate Bosworth always goes out of her way to befriend lonely girls on film sets because she grew up being the new girl in school. The actress admits her retailer father's jobs meant the family was forced to criss-cross America when she was young, and she often had to start a new school. The shy student with the odd-coloured eyes was never popular and often had to sit alone in school canteens for weeks before making friends. Bosworth explains, "That's why whenever I see anyone I don't know walking into a lunchroom or anywhere (on set), I always invite them to sit with me. "I have this pain in my heart from what it was like to walk in with your lunch tray and not have anywhere to sit." Bosworth's lack of school friends taught her to become a loyal pal - her two closest high school friends are still a major part of her life. She adds, "I like depth in friendship... I'd rather have one or two amazing friends than a whole gaggle of them."