Britpop legends Supergrass initially called themselves THEODORE SUPERGRASS after an invented character they wanted to do their interviews.

The pop quartet - ROB and Gaz Coombes, MICKEY QUINN and DANNY GOFFEY - had great difficulty deciding on a name for the band and were nearly called THE JOBBLY SPUFFLEWAPS.

Frontman Gaz says, "Having a name like ours, it means we're never out of the news 'cos supergrasses are always in the news. Things like 'Supergrass murdered by mafia don."

And drummer Goffey confesses, "We considered loads of cr*p names. We were actually called THE STONEHEADS at one point. The Jobbly Spufflewaps was another. For two weeks we called ourselves Theodore Supergrass. We had this idea of creating a character called Theodore who would do all our interviews so we could spend more time down the pub."

04/06/2004 17:40