British rockers Supergrass are celebrating their 10-year anniversary in unique style - they're releasing a DVD featuring footage of their wild antics on tour.

The documentary on the CAUGHT BY THE FUZZ stars' anniversary DVD - which also includes their hits and karaoke versions of their best loved tunes - has been compiled from a collection of lost tapes.

And singer Gaz Coombes promises fans they'll be captivated by the "entertaining" backstage clips.

He says, "They were just tapes that had been hanging around our bedrooms for the last sort of ten years. We'd just never done anything with them.

"We took a video camera along to the first couple of US tours. So it's got the good bits from all those tapes that we've had. So yeah, it's pretty entertaining. It's like a documentary.

"It's like having a professional editor to kind of put together your old home movies, really beautifully, and that's how it felt. So it was good!"

04/06/2004 02:28