Super Size Me filmmaker and star Morgan Spurlock has come clean about his movie hunt to find Osama Bin Laden - on the day of his latest project WHERE IN THE WORLD IS OSAMA BIN LADEN's release.
Spurlock has refused to comment on speculation he actually found the world's most wanted terrorist during the making of the film, but now reveals he came close but didn't get the Al Qaeda leader on film.
And he admits his bid to get up close and personal with Bin Laden changed just after he started making the film in 2005 - after he discovered he was going to be a father.
Speaking on U.S. news channel MSNBC on Friday (18Apr08), Spurlock said, "We started trying to figure out, `How do we put a movie like this together? How do we even go about going to Afghanistan and Pakistan?' and about two months into that process I found out my wife, Alex, was going to have a baby.
"So the shift of the movie really went from, `Where's Osama and why haven't we found him to what kind of world am I about to bring a kid into?'"
But Spurlock admits he did get closer than most to Bin Laden as he was embedded with U.S. troops on the hunt for the terrorist in Afghanistan.
He adds, "I think we got close. By the end of the film I think we got to within 50 or 75 miles, where a lot of people thought he was. We didn't find him but we found a lot of other great information."