Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock has blasted as "laughable" newspaper advertisements taken out by fast-food giant McDONALD'S to reassure the public their food is healthy.

The chain took out adverts in five British daily papers to combat Spurlock's documentary, which sees him seriously place his health at risk by eating solely McDonald's food for a month.

McDonald's claims its food is not intrinsically unhealthy, but should be eaten as "part of a balanced diet".

But Spurlock is overjoyed the restaurant is scrapping super size meals by the end of the year (04).

He says, "(It's) a testament to the power of independent film-making. It's fantastic - we've created a film that makes a gigantic corporation examine its business practices and every function.

"McDonald's love to act like they care about you - but they only care about you if it is good for business."

25/08/2004 09:01