Welsh rockers Super Furry Animals refused to allow Coca-Cola to use their music in a worldwide advertising campaign, because they didn't want to feel like sell-outs.

The LOVE KRAFT hitmakers turned down the seven-figure offer from the soft drinks giant even though their lack of finances forced them to record their latest album in Spain rather than California.

Singer Gruff Rhys considering signing a deal and then giving the fee to charity, but the thought of his music becoming synonymous with a TV advert put him off.

He says, "Possibly, but ultimately you've got to hear your own voice on telly selling a product that you hate, you know?

"Obviously it would make a big difference financially, but we get to make a living making music, and that's amazing in itself.

"We're holding out for that Red Stripe advert in Jamaica. We could probably stomach that and live happily ever after."