Thanks to the Super Bowl game, which drew 111.3 million viewers, NBC captured first place in the Nielsen ratings last week -- a rare feat for the struggling network. It also capture second place with the post-game show, and third place with its talent contest, The Voice , which followed the football telecast and which drew 37.4 million viewers. But you'd have to look way down to 37th place to find the next-highest-rated show on the network, the ironically named reality show The Biggest Loser . No matter, Super Bowl Sunday gave NBC a commanding lead for the week as it averaged a 9.9 household rating and a 16 share. CBS, which slipped to No. 2, averaged a 5.3/9. Fox placed third with a 4.0/6, while ABC trailed with a 3.3/5.

The top ten shows of the week according to Nielsen Research 1. Super Bowl XLVI, NBC, 47.0/71; 2. Super Bowl Postgame, NBC, 33.7/51; 3. The Voice , NBC, 18.4/31; 4. American Idol (Wednesday), Fox, 10.6/17; 5. American Idol (Thursday), Fox, 10.2/16; 6. The Big Bang Theory, CBS, 9.8/16; 7. Person of Interest, CBS, 9.2/14; 8. The Mentalist, CBS, 8.6/14; 9. N CIS, CBS, 8.3/13; 10. Blue Bloods , CBS, 7.2/13; 10. NCIS Los Angeles , CBS, 7.2/11.