In case you were thinking of grabbing a commercial on the Super Bowl at a last-minute-bargain rate, forget it. CBS chief Les Moonves said on Tuesday that all available spots have been purchased, some at a top price of $4 million. But take heart, Moonves did comment at a news conference, If one of those movie companies wants to come in at the last minute and pay us $5 million or $6 million, we will find a place for you at halftime or somewhere like that. Moonves also observed that WCBS-TV, the network's owned-and-operated station in New York, has been selling local spots during The Game for $1 million each. Moonves declined to speculate about whether the Feb. 3 game, which will originate from the New Orleans Superdome, will set a new record. Hopefully, we don't have a game like they had last night, he said, referring to Monday night's BCS championship game in which Alabama blew out Notre Dame 42-14.