An American television watchdog has dismissed claims an episode of TV comedy Friends featuring a phallic-shaped cake was indecent.

The PARENTS TELEVISION COUNCIL (PTC) filed the complaint, along with 35 others, with the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS ASSOCIATION (FCC) as part of an organised campaign to clean up American television, but they were all dismissed.

The PTC have picked up their campaign to make television more "family friendly" following the uproar surrounding the Janet Jackson flashing incident at last year's (FEB04) Super Bowl.

Other programmes targetted included an episode of Will And Grace which featured characters discussing same sex kissing and a SIMPSONS show where striking students carried banners bearing the slogans "What would Jesus glue?" and "Don't cut off my pianissimo".

A FCC spokesperson says, "None of the segments were patently offensive under contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium, and thus not indecent."

25/01/2005 17:36