It was the British equivalent of Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction in 2004 that resulted in her nipple being shown on national TV during the Super Bowl's halftime show for a fraction of a second. On Thursday, during the BBC's Breakfast Show, a photo of Prince William was shown with some of his teeth blacked out, a goatee drawn on his chin, glasses on his eyes, a moustache over his lips -- and a penis on his forehead. It was all part of a video shot by the comedy group Barbershopera to promote their satirical recording, I Could Have Married Kate. The BBC said that its Editors had failed to spot the offending material, but viewers, who sent out a flood of tweets and Facebook postings, did not. Typical: Just watching BBC Breakfast and they showed a pic of prince William with a drawn on willy on his head. Said the BBC, We apologize for this. Commented Australia's Sydney Morning Herald: Someone at the BBC has an awful lot of explaining to do.