Sunny Day Real Estate guitarist Dan Hoerner has launched a fundraising campaign to raise money to restore a Spokane, Washington nightclub.

The rocker is hoping to raise $50,000 (Gbp31,250) to renovate The Big Dipper, which he bought with his wife last year (13).

Hoerner has been fixing up the venue for the past seven months, but he still needs to install a fire sprinkler system.

A statement from Hoerner reads: "Spokane needs to have The Big Dipper as part of the cityscape. It's like the goat at the park or the horses on the Carousel... You have to have that stuff around for Spokane to be Spokane. We think The Big Dipper needs to be a part of the fabric of our city and we want to bring it back to life."

The establishment is currently open for event rentals, but he is hoping to restore it for "poetry readings, open mics, karaoke... art shows, game nights and film screenings" this spring (14).

The Big Dipper is not the only musical project Hoerner is working on - Sunny Day Real Estate will release their first song in 14 years in April (14).