Celebrity photographer-turned-director DAVID LaCHAPELLE was arrested as he left a Sundance Film Festival party in a Park City, Utah, nightclub on Saturday (22JAN05).

The film-maker, 36, has photographed a range of A-list stars including Britney Spears, LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and Angelina Jolie and directed CHRISTINA AGUILERA's visually stimulating DIRRTY video in 2002.

LaChapelle, who is promoting his first full-length feature - RIZE - at the annual event, was taken into custody on suspicion of disturbing the peace after he was arrested outside the Marquee Club at 2.20am (MST).

Summit County Sheriff's Sergeant KYLE LEWIS says, "Summit County officers had asked LaChapelle a couple of times to back up. He failed to comply and was arrested."

Police were summoned to the nightclub after a crowd of 200 people gathered on Main Street, as security tried to escort two actresses from the club. Some reports claim the 'actresses' in question were socialite sisters NICKY and Paris Hilton.

America's STAR magazine reports The Simple Life reality TV star was seen defending LaChapelle to the police, saying, "He's with us, he's with us."

LaChapelle was released at 8am on Saturday (22JAN05).

24/01/2005 13:56