Suki Waterhouse wants to play a ''badass'' girl on screen.

The 22-year-old model - who is dating Hollywood hunk Bradley Cooper - has been working on her first film, romantic comedy 'Love Rosie' where she stars alongside Lily Collins and Sam Clafin, and has decided she'd like to do more film work.

She told LOOK magazine: ''I just finished a romantic comedy a couple of months ago called 'Love Rosie', filmed in Ireland. It's my first proper feature film and it made me decided I want to do more, so we'll see.''

Quizzed on what kind of role she'd like to be offered, she added: ''Maybe a Bond girl, or anything like that. Or an Angelina Jolie 'Girl Interrupted' kind of thing. I'd like to play a bad-ass girl.''

Waterhouse previously claimed models can easily become actors since the lines between the two industries are ''blurred'' nowadays and doesn't want to limit herself to one career.

She said: ''I think with modelling and acting these days, the lines are blurred. Everyone can do all sorts of things, so why do just one?''