Suki Waterhouse's fashion disasters have made her more confident.

The British model - who is dating Bradley Cooper - went through an embarrassing phase of dressing like a scruffy teenage boy when she was younger and now feels braver about experimenting with bolder looks.

Suki said: ''My style went through a bit of a 'homeless boy' phase - basically cargo trousers and a t-shirt with 'Bad girls never die' on it.

''I think you discover a lot from making fashion mistakes. Now I'm more confident about mixing it up.''

The 20-year-old beauty used to get into trouble as a teenager because she would steal her parents' credit cards to buy expensive clothes online.

She confessed to InStyle magazine: ''I was pretty naughty when I was younger. Is told mum's credit card to buy white thigh-high boots on eBay, which she made me send straight back.

''I also wrote a very outraged letter to my parents when they wouldn't let me get a silver Jjigsaw suit.''

The blonde starlet likes mixing her designer buys with quirky bargains and always hits up vintage stores whenever she goes abroad.

She said: ''There's this brilliant vintage shop in Berlin where you put clothes in a basket and pay for them by weight, like buying fruit. I love fining places like that when I'm abroad.''