Suki Waterhouse is getting her family ''gene testing'' for Christmas.

The 25-year-old model has forked out £35 on each member of her family for them all to get their DNA tested, which will enable them to find out their bloodline and examine whether they have inherited any diseases.

Speaking to about her unusual festive gift, she said: ''This year I am going to get everyone gene testing, it's only like thirty-five quid.''

And the 'Bad Batch' actress hopes her gift will match up to whatever her younger sister Immy, 23, gets her because she's known for giving ''really great presents''.

The Pop & Suki co-founder added: ''My sister always gets me really great presents - last year she gave me a pillow with my face on it.''

However, Suki is also known for picking up a bargain on the e-marketplace Groupon.

Her business partner and close friend Poppy Jamie said: ''Suki loves Groupon, too! She was going to get a toothbrush supply or something.''

And though Suki has hinted she has unsubscribed to the brand's emails she is still hounded by them and is tempted with their great offers.

She said: ''But I can tell you something even if you click unsubscribe they still will email you- it's like Scientology!''

Meanwhile, Suki has revealed her ideal festive bash would be to throw a show.

Asked about her ideal seasonal soiree, she said: ''I would have a show.''

But the star is not adverse to throwing a wacky party as she has turned her house into a nightclub ''twice'', which saw her adapt her shower to include lightening bolts.

She explained: ''I have turned my house into a night club twice! One time I had lightening put into showers so performers could be in shower and I had a cake that people came out of. Another time I had The Box come to my house - I like to get something sassy going.''