Madness frontman Suggs drowned his sorrows at the pub when he turned 50 earlier this year (11) after his cat died in front of him on the morning of his birthday.
The British singer was taking a bath on his big day in January when his beloved pet tumbled from a shelf in the bathroom and broke its back in the fall, perishing on the carpet as Suggs watched in horror.
The House of Fun hitmaker admits the incident left him devastated and he retired to a nearby pub to spend 14 hours drinking and bemoaning his bad luck.
He tells Britain's Culture magazine, "I heard this terrible crash, and it was just lying there, perfect, you know, there was no blood or anything. It had just fallen off a small shelf in the bathroom.
"That just really got me down. I remember I was going to see my mum, but I went to the pub instead, and I think I was there for about 14 hours, mourning everything in my life."