Suggs claims he performs wearing a "robotic knee brace".

The Madness frontman insists that age isn't taking its toll on his performances as he can still pull off his old dance moves - with a little help.

He said: "There's all sorts of robotic knee braces you can get now, yes, and they do it for you, you just get in this huge harness and it dances, and you get out at the end and you just have to recharge the batteries for the following performance."

The 'One Step Beyond' stars have played several high-profile concerts this year but the singer says Glastonbury Festival was his favourite.

He added to Absolute Radio DJ Geoff Lloyd: "It's been great. Yes, there's been some real highlights. Glastonbury was one of them, which was a really great day out, and we've been doing festivals all round Europe, which have all been tremendous. I mean, you mentioned earlier about a younger generation wondering who this funny band are, but seeing us, the reaction's been really great, yes, across the generations."

Madness are set to play a historic London concert next month when the whole of Regent Street is closed down for a special performance to mark Absolute Radio's first birthday party in conjunction with the Regent Street Festival.

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