Fallen rap mogul Suge Knight has lashed out at his ex as she plans to release a new book about the gangsta rap heavyweight.

Knight insists Stormey Ramdhan's tome My Life With the Knight: The Woman Behind the Most Feared Man in Hip Hop is 99 per cent made up - and he's urging fans not to buy it if it hits shelves.

And he tells Tmz.com that his ex, who is the mother of two of his kids, is lying when she claims Knight was planning to marry her.

He says, "That's not my ex-fiancee... I never had a fiancee. I've never been engaged. A lot of people do stuff to try and sell their product and I think it's f**ked up."

Knight insists he hasn't even seen Ramdhan since he was jailed in 1996 and adds, "This is the same people (sic) who changed my son's name from my name to another name."

The rap boss is currently in the process of drafting a cease and desist letter, aimed at blocking the book's release, according to Tmz.com.